reflection #10: {a lacking}; reviewing the blog entitled “Your Kids Don’t Actually Feel Like They Belong After All”

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the review:

In complete honesty, this blog post was hard for me to read. It is not difficult for someone to see my “About Me” page and know instantly that I am not “of color,” as Jose Vilson puts it. And because of this fact, I find it hard to talk about race issues out of fear that I will offend someone, not know all of the facts, or simply come across the wrong way.

Having said that, though, I’m not here to blog about racial tensions today. Rather, I’m simply commenting on this blog from blogger, Jose Vilson. And from what I’ve read so far, I have to say I appreciate the boldness in his blogging. His posts seem to be raw and real, unhindered by fearful boundaries of what anyone else may think. Not to mention, he writes in meaningful territory, as opposed to lighter, more inconsequential subject matter.

Just by reading his post, viewers can see that segregation is still a real issue in schools today–amongst other places, as we all know. Jose writes,

“Unfortunately, many teachers in the classroom don’t ‘see’ race when they see kids, and / or don’t see themselves as agents to an institution that makes many children of color feel like they don’t actually belong to them. They’re “colorblind” because they either don’t want to deal with it, don’t know how, or implicitly have a blind eye to their privilege. Or all of those.”

To be blunt–which is genuinely not my strong-suit–what I would’ve loved to see from this blog post is even just a few tips that Jose himself could perceive solving this issue. Because while I agree with him, at least partially, and I myself think I am amongst those who are lacking in knowledge and/or experience in this area, this is the fact of which I am already aware. What I need, or would find most useful, is if someone kindly, patiently, and gracefully showed me the right way to start doing things.

It’s one thing for someone to point out a problem; but it really says something about someone if they’re caring and driven enough to walk alongside others in carrying out a solution.

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